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 What Do YOU Use To Mark Your Objects?

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PostSubject: What Do YOU Use To Mark Your Objects?   Wed Mar 11, 2009 4:51 am

There are multiple ways in which you use to mark your objects to ensure that your peice or structure turns out how you want it to. Here are all of the common ways forgers will use:
-placing spawn points on either side of your interlocking item
-placing any solid object on top of your interlocking item
-save and quiting an object below your interlocking item
Those are the most common ways forgers will use to build their maps. Now what I am wondering is what YOU do. I personally prefer spawn points on either side of the object, but techniques may very. This thread may be helpful to those begginnger forgers out there who want to know how to make a good map, so make sure to share your ideas and prefferences!

Sincerely, The Forgecrew Staff.

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What Do YOU Use To Mark Your Objects?
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