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 How To Embed Screenshots In Your Post

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PostSubject: How To Embed Screenshots In Your Post   How To Embed Screenshots In Your Post Icon_minitimeWed Mar 11, 2009 5:06 am

Here is an adavanced tutorial on how to embed screenshots for the maps you will be posting. I give all credit to xX5w33ny7oddXx for the tutorial. I was not able to post the pictured tutorial, so this will have to do. It is not very hard to follow the simple instructions, so good luck!!

Embedding Screenshots in your Map Thread

Part 1: Taking a screenshot

1. After recently playing your map, go to "Theater Mode".
2. Select the match you played, and "Start Film".
3. Press "Y" after film has started, and pause the game (or not), and position your camera.
4. Click the camera symbol on the navigation bar.
5. Save it.

Part 2: Getting your screenshot from Bungie.net

1. Open up your Internet Browser (I use Firefox) and go to our dearly beloved Bungie.net, and go to My Stats/Find a Player.

2. Then, go to the right of the screen, to "People Finder". Make sure that it is set to Halo 3, and type in your Xbox-Live Gamer tag. Then click "Search".

3. You should then being on your Gamer Tag profile. Click "Hi-Res screenshots".

4. Find the Screenshot you wish to embed, and click on it. Also, make sure pop-ups are allowed from Bungie.net.

5. A large version of the screenshot should come up in a separate window. Again, click the screenshot.

6. This should come up, asking you what program to open the screenshot with, or to save it to disk. For simplicities sake, just check off "Save to Disk" and the click "OK".

7. Depending what your preferences are, the picture could be saved to a number of places, if you are using Firefox, then this should come up. Click "Open" on the top one, which is more than likely the screenshot you are looking for.

8. An image viewing program displaying the screenshot should come up. Click the save option, in this case a floppy disk icon.

9.Save your image as a JPEG file, under a folder and name you can find later. Type the name in and click "Save".

10. Congrats, now you have your screenshot on your computer
. Now onto:

Part 3: Signing up for a Photobucket account, and uploading your screenshot to the internet.

1. Start by opening your internet browser, and going to Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket. Why Photobucket? Cause I find that Imageshack is a pain and people seem to get nothing but thumbnail pictures from it, if they do try to embed their screenshots. Once there, click "Join Now" cause IT'S FREE!

2. Type in a username, and a password that you can remember. Then click "Next Step".

3. Now fill the form out, when you are done, click "I accept. Sign me up!"
Note that none of that information is true to me. That is not my name, or birthdate, or anything.

4. Follow instructions from there.

5.Go to Login on Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket, type in your username and password, and then click "Login".

6. You should now be in your album. Find the section in the middle of the screen like the one below, and click "Choose Files", and make sure the size is set to 640x480.

7. An "Open File" window comes up. Now find your screenshot where you saved it, click on it, and then click "Open". Note that you can select more than one image before click "Open" by clicking your first image, and then (while holding down the SHIFT key) click on the other images you wish to add.

8. Give it time to save the screenshot on the internet. Click "Cancel" to stop uploading.

9. When it is done, this screen will come up. Give it a title and a description, or just skip that, and click "save and continue".

10. And now your screenshot is on the internet, ready to be embedded.

Part 4: Embed your image in your post.

1. Go to your "my albums" on your photobucket page, which is located in the top navigation bar. Then, scroll down the page until you find your screenshot.

2. Click on the text in the space next to "IMG Code". This will automatically copy that link to your clipboard.

3. Go to post your Map Thread, and right click/Paste the IMG code (an image code is the direct link url of an image, in between [img] [./img], but without the ".")

4. Yay! Your screenshot should now be viewable to everyone who takes a look at your beautiful post!

Well, I hope this was helpful to those who had no idea how to embed their screenshots before. And those who find themselves telling newcomers that their Map Threads are not up to standards without pics, send them this way.

My Youtube Account: https://www.youtube.com/user/iTzFlair
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How To Embed Screenshots In Your Post
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