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PostSubject: ~~Valkryie~~   ~~Valkryie~~ Icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2009 9:59 pm

Map Name: Valkryie
Map Creators: iTz Flair and assisted by AnF Ryan
Description: The ultimate BT map including incredibly smooth interlocking, revolutionary turn and all completely cheatproof!
Supported Gametypes: RACETRACKS, All Battle tracks game variants
Recomended Players: 4-16

Starting Spawn:
~~Valkryie~~ 68384863-Medium

First Turn/Mini Bridge Ramp:
~~Valkryie~~ 68390551-Medium

Incredibly Smooth Banked Turn:
~~Valkryie~~ 68390509-Medium

Steep Wall Turn:
~~Valkryie~~ 68390529-Medium

Double Wall Drop:
~~Valkryie~~ 68385373-Medium

Fast Paced Fence Wall Turn:
~~Valkryie~~ 68385456-Medium

chest hair proof VIP point:(lol)
~~Valkryie~~ 68385517-Medium

Shield Door Turn: (with a flower in the center!)
~~Valkryie~~ 68385589-Medium

Halo 3 File Details

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