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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:09 pm

Forum Rules

-No spamming.
-No double posting.
-No topic bumping.
-Do NOT excessively criticize forge creations.
-Listen to the staff members.
-Do not claim someone's map was your idea. This is an old and tiresome exercise. Arguing over who's head the idea popped into first is pointless. If you want to do this go and join the eight year olds flaming on the Bungie forums.
-No personal insults.
-Do not flood the forums - this will immediately give you one warning.
-Post in the appropriate areas.
-NO racism, sexism, or abuse of power is tolerated. This includes use of derogatory terms towards sexuality, race, gender, etc.
The posting or linking to of pirated property, software, or other files constitutes a minimum four week ban.
-Illegal activities are not tolerated here.
-Do not rate a map without even downloading it.
-Do not post or link to inappropriate content. This includes malicious or pornographic images or information.
-Do not advertise any third party product or post links to advertisements of such ads.

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Forum Rules
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